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RF Online private servers list. Top RF Online servers. RF Online, originally named 'Rising Force', is a 3D MMORPG developed by CCR. The first version of the game was released in South Korea and was later followed by Chinese, Japanese, Indonesia, Po


x100-x200 Rated Server, 55 lv cap, Free premium account, Point Transfer System, Anticheat system, No lag, No rollback, Edited Battle Dungeons, VoteShop, CashShop in Game, MAX donations +5, Event every Week


[Private server located in Singapore Maximum level 50, Best PVP Experience, GM pt,skills,force] [Buffer inside NPC, Interesting loots, Free CASH events regularly][10mil for stack of Gli] [Original items, 216 Style][AUTO CASH ACTIVE]


x500 rated PVP Server, GM for PT, skills, force, 66 lvl cap, All balanced, NO rollback, NO overpower donation, Edited Battle Dungeons, All shop for VotePoints, Free premium,Join Us Now - show your power



8 years RF Online Private server, No Roll-Back, No cheats, stable server, cap Level is 85 with new updated and enhanced Level 75-85 Armors, Weapons, Level 75 85 Maus


Dynamic server rate:x25000, 77 max level,ingame buffer, Buy Item Donation with Vote Points System, No rollback, SERVER Without Bug More info lets joint us


Cap Level: 55 Experience Rate :1500X Animus Rate :2500X SKILL/PT/FORCE : GM Max Upgrade +5 Game Version: 2232 Server Type: PvP


Open Beta On 13November 2017Rate Server :- Lvl Max Cap66- Exp x10000- Anime Exp x99999- Drop Mining x25New Feature , More Event


Max lvl 90Exp x9999Animus x99999Minning x70Animus Siege lvl 90Trap Tower lvl 90Active Job 3RDActive Daily QuestActive System CombineMAU StandarMAU GundamArmor DragonArmor PatronPotion AddonWar AddonLordMaster AddonMinning Get PVPPT Skill GMFix Damage all j..


x15-x20 Rated Server, 65 lv cap, 7 days premium account, Point Transfer System, Anticheat system, No lag, No rollback, VoteShop, CashShop in Game, MAX +6, Event every Week and more
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